The movie is a mirror of modern society where uniqueness is diabolized, where striving for freedom is something uncommon and where chasing your dreams is not cool anymore. In a society like this it´s hard for people to identify themselves, because we are taught not to be different. We are always trying to push our psychological limits to the edge, just to do what others think is good for us.

The film is dealing with these issues and looks at them from an artistic perspective. The main character is trying to break out of this system of compulsions and pressure but is always forced to get back into the line. While floating through this system he tries to find a way to express himself, but instead of breaking the rules he ends up being a broken personality. So, he’s facing what a lot of young people are facing today, self-doubts. He’s left with a lot of questions but no answers and all his dreams are dead after chasing them for so long. To show all this we chose to let the action take place underwater so that the main character is literally floating through the environment. The story is told by a poem-like monolog and the emotions are expressed through the body language of the protagonist.